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Welcome to Pure Placid!

Pure Placid is a lifestyle collection for the bath, body, and home. From its refined, unexpected scents to its signature blue and white packaging, each product is inspired and immersed in the purity of the Adirondacks.

Marcy Miller founded Pure Placid among the mountains and trees of the sprawling 6-million-acre Adirondack Park, where she learned that scents travel on air and come from the earth. Marcy’s appreciation for the park—its aromatic forests, sparkling lakes, and High Peaks—led to a respect for the interdependence between people and nature. When Marcy created Pure Placid, she aspired to celebrate this connection without compromise.

Growing up in the Adirondacks meant a life full of adventure and inspiration, spending summers on the lake and winters on the mountain. As a kid she was intrigued by the natural scents. When winter arrived, she said, “The trees are dressed up with snow, but they’ve lost their perfume!” Each scent is plucked from one of Marcy’s memories of the Adirondacks and exquisitely presented in one of her many creations. While it may not be possible for everyone to hike in the Adirondacks, Pure Placid makes it possible to truly feel and breathe in the experience.

I believe that nature and luxury are a perfect match. What is more luxurious—and precious—than our natural world? Pairing the enduring scents of the Adirondacks in products that are natural, invigorating, and as beautiful as the Adirondacks themselves allows me to deliver a taste of paradise to people all over the world. My hope is people with a passion for similar places will bond with the pristine familiarity, and people in very different surroundings will be transported by the pure experience.

Pure Placid is my way to offer people, wherever they may be, a chance to arrive in the Adirondacks and feel its quiet power.

And I’m thankful to you for letting me share!

-Marcy Miller