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Marcy Miller grew up where the mountains meet the lake in the heart of the Adirondacks and is named after Mount Marcy, its highest peak. The six million-acre sanctuary inspired a devotion to its pristine beauty and passion for its sublime, intoxicating scents.

Her parents owned an herb shop, where as a child she mixed plants to make her own perfume. As an adult, she studied massage therapy,  chemical-free cosmetics, and essential oils. She opened a spa with her mother and sister. At the spa, she began crafting her signature lotions and oils.

Her first lotion blended balsam, clementine, lavender, bergamot, and lemon. It told a story through scent: a tribute to mountain hikes with the clementines her mother had packed for her. More scent stories followed, and Pure Placid was born.

“Pure Placid is a philosophy—a way of life—and represents the place I love. It’s the purity of the highest peaks and tranquility of the deepest lakes. It’s telling the story of the Adirondacks through scent, a gift wrapped in a blue bow. My dream is to share it with you.” - Marcy


Every Pure Placid bottle wears a beautiful blue ribbon. This blue represents the Blue Line perimeter of the Adirondack Park. 

It is an outline of precious, protected land.

Our blue ribbon pays homage to that Blue Line. It represents a commitment to the environment, our workers and your well-being – the cornerstones of the Adirondack Park itself.

We use recycled glass for our bottles, post-consumer recycled plastic (when safety requires plastic), and no extra packaging.

We employ locally and create jobs and opportunities for people in and around Lake Placid.

Our ingredients are always pure and free from phthalates, SLS, and synthetic preservatives. We never test on animals.


Laurie Colon

Love the product, love the people!

Nick Komninos

Absolutely love the products from Pure Placid. Genuinely high quality! I use them daily and highly recommend for self indulgences and or gifts for others!

Wendy Hammond

I always look forward to stopping at their quaint shop in Lake Placid. Their line is simply PurePlacid. Love it!