Pure Placid Ambassador Program

Pure Placid Ambassador Program

Pure Placid Brand Ambassador


Pure Placid was started with a simple goal: to create  products that bring joy and arouse mindfulness while celebrating the interdependence between people and nature. We believe in a  world where self care is a priority, where people have the tools to claim their calm and we all live our best lives.

We delight in the thought that a small hobby meant to bring happiness to our founder, Marcy and a few of her friends has turned into a multi-national operation; one that brings joy to thousands of people each and every day. We are so excited to have you be a part of this mission of  helping everyone live their best lives! 

Pure Placid Ambassador Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • Based in the US

  • Active on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram

  • Post a dedicated picture and tag us on your feed at least once a month.

  • Post a story and tag us at least once a month

  • Follow us on Instagram and interact with us.

Pure Placid Ambassador Benefits

  • 15% commission on all  sales through your unique link or code

  • 15% off all of your purchases.

  • 15% off code to share with friends and family.

  • Access to new products.

  • Help Pure Placid make big decisions, like new products and names!

  • Free Swag exclusive to Brand Ambassadors.

To apply follow this link