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It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of life. At Pure Placid we like to use scent to combat stress and this set offers some tips and tools on ways you can use scent to stress less and claim your calm. It arrives all wrapped and ready to give or receive.

Included: Your choice of scent 

Our Double wick Boxed Candle - Nothing can transform a room and relax the mind quite like the a flicker of a flame. Each of our beautifully scented soy candles will elicit a world of embracing moods, dreams, and feelings to send you on a vacation of the mind and help you claim your calm.

9oz Lotion - Deeply moisturizing lotions with beautifully blended aromas that calm the soul while soothing skin naturally. The best body lotion for glowing skin. Distilled Adirondack lake water is infused with antioxidant-rich oils and butters to create an exceptionally effective all-over lotion. Pro-Tip : Apply lotion to your feet and hands at night to help set you up for a more restful sleep.

9oz Hand Soap - A vacation with every wash. The simple act of washing your hands should feel like a self care moment. Our fragrant, soothing goat’s milk hand soap helps make that happen. Feel the creamy hand wash gently cleansing your hands, breathe in the fragrant aroma and take a moment to just be.

Amethyst - Since ancient times, Amethyst has been touted for its emotional healing properties, Leonardo Di Vinci even swore it could calm your thoughts and increase your intelligence. 

A box of quotable matches - Various quotes to inspire calmness with matches to light your candle.

Pure Placid quote cards to inspire calm - Cards with calming quotes on one side and magnificent Adirondack views on the other. Sure to help you stress less.

Our tips on ways to use these products to Stress Less. - We guide you through ways to use all of these products throughout your day to help you claim your calm and stress less.

Stress Less Gift Set - Pure Placid