Claim Your Calm Box

Claim Your Calm Box

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We believe in the importance of taking a moment. A moment to stop, to breathe, and to revitalize - to Clam Your Calm. The Pure Placid Claim Your Calm Gift Box includes everything our founder Marcy uses to combat stress and some of her best tips on ways to live a more joyful, mindful life. It all comes in our signature Calm Blue Box.


  1. 4oz Lotion
  2. 4oz Soap
  3. 4oz Room & Linen Spray
  4. 4oz Travel Tin candle.
  5. Full size Body Wash.
  6. Sleep Mask and pack of quotable matches.

One of the strongest ways to help claim your calm is through scent. That's why it's important to have each of these products in the same scent so your mind will be triggered to relax when you breath them in. 



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