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Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning Soy Candle

A relaxing blend of maple syrup, cinnamon and melted butter. A sweet, lazy scent to warm and satisfy like a Sunday morning. Place this soothing 12oz glass jar in your bathroom, bedroom or foyer to create an instant sense of calm and relaxation.


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Product Description

Sunday Morning Soy Candle

Set the mood and create a sense of calm and indulgent relaxation. Nothing can enrich the atmosphere of a room the way a candle does. From the soothing aroma to the subtle flicker of the flame, candles add an air of luxury to any room. Sunday Morning scent is the ultimate in soothing calm and indulgent relaxation. Set the mood with the strike of a match.

  • Key Ingredients : maple, cinnamon, cedarwood
  • Glass vessel with glass lid
  • Approximate burn time : 80 hours
  • Hand poured in Lake placid, NY
  • 100% Soy Wax – Why Soy Wax is Best
  • Cotton Wick
  • All Natural fragrance

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Weight 12. oz

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