Sundays with Marcy - Magnesium Magic

Learn about the power of magnesium and make your own spray and bath salts!

About this experience

Step into an evening where education meets inspiration, and leave with your own crafted creations designed to elevate your sense of calm and well-being. Hosted by Marcy Miller, the woman behind Pure Placid, this engaging class will delve into the extraordinary benefits of magnesium—a mineral too often overlooked despite its profound impact on our lives.


 Marcy will demystify the world of magnesium, helping you understand how this vital mineral plays a pivotal role in everything from muscle recovery to stress reduction and quality sleep. She'll also touch upon how scent can magnify magnesium’s calming effects, marrying two potent sources of serenity in your daily routine.


Ever heard of transdermal magnesium therapy? You will! This class will explore why applying magnesium oil directly to the skin can be a particularly effective way to boost your body’s magnesium levels. It’s not just quick and easy, but it also provides a way to bypass the digestive system for more efficient absorption.


But what's knowledge without a little hands-on fun? Roll up your sleeves for the DIY portion of the evening, where you'll create your own custom-scented magnesium oil spray. Imagine a spritz of calm whenever you need it! And because we believe in spreading the calm, you'll also craft your own magnesium bath salts. If you can't visit the ocean regularly, we'll bring the ocean's calming essence right to your bathtub.

Claim your seat and your calm. We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative evening.