Simply The Best Set - Peppermint

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Our simply the best set include our best selling Ew-Covid face mask with, a 4oz Peppermint Hand Sanitizer and a 3oz Whiteface Hike Hand Soap! It’s simply the best as we try to stay healthy! 

Peppermint Hand Sanitizer

Peppermint Hand Sanitizer is a rinse-free hand wash contains 62% alcohol, proven effective at killing harmful germs and bacteria and a special blend of moisturizers and skin conditioning agents that leave your hands feeling moisturized, refreshed and thoroughly clean. When applied to hands it evaporates in seconds. A luxurious scented hand sanitizer that is effective without compromise.


Whiteface Hike Hand Soap

Whiteface Hike Hand Soap intertwines the cleansing properties of regular hand soap with the wonderful restorative benefits of creamy goat's milk. Providing immense benefits to the skin's health, goat's milk is truly a luxury for the skin. Pure Placid hand soap creates a thick, luscious lather, leaving your hands feeling silky smooth with a light scent of pine needle, cedar, and peach.

Simply The Best Set - Peppermint - Pure Placid