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Pure Placid Scent Stories

Pure Placid grew out of my passion for the Adirondacks. Each scent is a memory plucked from my experiences. These are my stories behind the scents.


Mountain Cedar

Inspired by my summers at the lake and at the community pool, playing tag with friends. We ran among cedar bushes and the branches bursting with scent. I loved the smell so much, I rubbed cedar leaves on my wrists as if they were perfume. Clean and green. Happy and pure.

Balsam & Cedar

In the heart of the Adirondacks, there are places of solitude where you are surrounded by the most beautiful trees and pure skies. This is what Balsam & Cedar smells like. Solitude and strength. Grounding and majestic. It conveys my love for the untouched wilds of the Adirondacks.

White Birch

One of my most comforting memories of living in the Adirondacks is the warm, smoky scent of aromatic white birch logs slowly burning in a fireplace or campfire. Fresh and rustic. Cozy and romantic. Spicy and grounding. Pure relaxation.

Sweet Lemon & Vanilla

Every Memorial Day weekend, there is a buzz in the air. Donnelly’s opens, and my friends and I get to eat their ice cream! My favorite is the lemon and vanilla twist. It’s one that doesn’t show up in the flavor rotation often, so it’s a special treat. Fresh and creamy. Lemony and sweet. An Adirondack tradition and scent that brings the excitement of summer arriving!

Balsam & Clementine

This scent is inspired by my many hikes up the mountain I was named after, Mt. Marcy. Our hiking snacks always included clementines. The smell of a hike on my favorite peak is the clean, crisp scent of fresh clementines combined with the breeze through mountaintop balsam trees. Pure joy and exhilaration.


An autumn in the Adirondacks is breathtaking. Hiking upon crunchy, dried leaves and being blinded by the fiery brilliance of the gold, yellow, and red leaves is an unforgettable sensation. Memories of jumping in piles of leaves and smelling the sweet, crisp air signify winter’s arrival. Maplewood is fall foliage in the Adirondacks. Sweet and crisp. Seductive and rugged.

Sparkling Ginger

Summers always had to end, and we had good-bye to summer celebrations at the lake. They concluded with floating candles lit in coconut shells on the lake and champagne toasts (ginger ale for the kids). Sparkling ginger is my memory of effervescent drinks and candlelit lakes. Clean and light. Bubbly and pure.