Our Founder & Beginnings

Marcy Miller, Founder & Inspirer

Raised in the Adirondack mountains and educated in natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, massage and nursing, Marcy Miller, founder and CEO of Pure Placid, started her brand by formulating a line of products that married the therapeutic properties of traditional massage products with the fragrant and calming scents of the trees, mountains, and lakes she was raised around.

As a child, Marcy played in her parents’ herb shop, where she would create sachets and scented perfumes. Growing up her parents instilled a love for nature and environmental responsibility.

As an adult, Marcy studied massage therapy, as well as chemical-free cosmetics under Horst Rechelbacher (founder of Aveda), and essential oils under Dr. Gary Young (founder of Young Living Essential Oils).

In 2001 Marcy opened a spa with her mother and sister. They sought natural products to use in their massage services but struggled to find ones with a beautiful scent and luxurious feel. So Marcy made her own. Her first lotion blended balsam, clementine, lavender, bergamot, and lemon. It shared an experience through scent: a tribute to mountain hikes with the clementine snacks her mother packed for her.

After seeing great success with her massage clients, Marcy expanded her offerings and began selling her products in farmers markets around the Adirondack Park, eventually opening a storefront in downtown Lake Placid, New York.

While her business was seeing increasing success her home life was facing unexpected challenges. Her husband’s health was declining and was ultimately diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Faced with increased pressure she became more motivated than ever to build a brand focused on the importance of self-care and inspiring others to find avenues to combat stress and anxiety. She began researching how scent and self-care can be used as a tool to live a better more peaceful life.

She gathered investors, and sought out partnerships with industry game changers.  Starting with Hall of Fame fragrance winner, Ann Gottlieb. Ann was mentored by Esteé Lauder and was “the nose” behind popular scents such as Calvin Klein Obsession, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and so many other of your favorite scents. She was the 2018 The Hall of Fame Award Honoree by the Fragrance Foundation. 

From there Marcy and Ann partnered with one of the top Natural Parfumer’s in the world; Jerome Epinette of Robertet Fragrance. Jerome was nominated Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year in 2018 by The Fragrance Foundation and is known for his mastery of natural ingredients.

In 2016, Marcy was approached by global philanthropic investors from a conservation group called The Paradise Foundation. This foundation has big names behind it, and their model is unique. They purchase large parcels of land in order to preserve them. To offset the costs incurred to maintain these protected lands they purchase items from local artisans to sell in the global market. This partnership helped fuel the rapid growth of Pure Placid and placed it on the map as a global brand.  

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