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Our Story - Pure Placid Natural Skincare and Luxury Home Fragrances





Our love of exquisite fragrance with the power to seduce and captivate the imagination is at the heart of everything we create. Soap, candles, body moisturizers, and room sprays all begin with the subtle art of perfumery. With each carefully crafted scent there's a world of moods, dreams, and memories. It's a way for you to experience the beauty and calm of the Adirondacks anywhere you are. 



We hope our heartfelt love of fragrance and the Adirondacks inspire you as it inspires us.
We hope it brings you peace in the present moment, where you don’t have to do anything, you can just be.
Our products are crafted with pure, clean ingredients that will not harm your body or the environment. All ingredients are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.
Each product is infused with unique scents perfected by world-class perfumers.
Pure Placid gives back to the community and the environment by donating 20% of sales to charities locally and globally.



    Imagine Yourself Here

    Pure Placid - View of Lake placid from whiteface mountain


    Immersed in a lake surrounded by rolling mountains as far as the eye can see. The water so dark blue and sparkling it looks enchanted. A place to breathe and unwind. A place to revitalize.

    Fresh balsam trees scenting clean mountain air. The quiet giving way to sounds heard only in areas untouched by man. It's a luxury known only by a few and synonymous with the Adirondack Mountains.

    A sense of beauty. A respect for nature. A simplicity. The ultimate luxury, a sense of untouched serenity.

    This is the Adirondack Park, a six-million-acre preserve. Home to legendary Great Camps that blurred the line between indoor and outdoor. Twigs and bark blend seamlessly with decor, and smooth river rocks are used to build a fireplace. It defines rustic elegance. It is the inspiration for scents that seduce, enchant, and tell an extraordinary story of high peaks and deep lakes. It is an escape and vacation for the mind. This is Pure Placid.


    Marcy Miller, Founder & Inspirer

    Pure Placid - Marcy Miller


    Marcy Miller created Pure Placid in 2014. She grew up where the mountains meet the lake in the heart of the Adirondacks. She’s named after its highest peak, Mount Marcy. The pristine beauty and natural scents of the six-million-acre Adirondack Park inspired Marcy’s lifelong passion for fragrance, wellness, and environmental protection.


    “Pure Placid is a philosophy—a way of life—and represents the place I love. It’s the purity of the highest peaks and tranquility of the deepest lakes. It’s telling the story of the Adirondacks through scent, a gift wrapped in a blue bow. My dream is to share it with you.” – Marcy


    As a child, Marcy played in her parents’ herb shop, where she would create sachets and scented perfumes. Her parents instilled in her a love for nature and environmental responsibility. As an adult, Marcy studied massage therapy, chemical-free cosmetics under Horst Rechelbacher (founder of Aveda), and essential oils under Dr. Gary Young (founder of Young Living Essential Oils). Learning about the power of natural ingredients let to Marcy’s commitment to using only these pure, natural sources. 


    Marcy opened a spa with her mother and sister. They sought natural products to use in their services but struggled to find ones with a beautiful aesthetic and luxurious feel. So Marcy made her own. Her first lotion blended balsam, clementine, lavender, bergamot, and lemon. It shared an experience through scent: a tribute to mountain hikes with the clementine snacks her mother packed for her. More scent experiences followed, and Pure Placid was born.


    Marcy sold her products at the local farmers market, where she was known as the local lotion, soap and candle maker. She built a following, and in the summer of 2015, she opened a shop on Main Street in Lake Placid!


    The following summer in 2016, Marcy was approached by global philanthropic investors from a conservation group called The Paradise Foundation. This foundation has big names behind it, and their model is unique. They purchase large parcels of land in order to preserve them, then they invest in local artisans in that area to offset the cost of maintaining these protected lands. This partnership helped fuel the rapid growth of Pure Placid and placed it on the map as a global brand.


    Marcy Miller and Jack Ma


    From modest beginnings, Marcy built Pure Placid into a best-loved brand with a global following. With her company growing, Marcy sought the best in the business to help refine the Adirondack scent experience. Marcy found the perfect collaborator in renowned fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb, known in the industry as “The Nose.” Ann and Marcy met with master perfumer Jerome Epinette from Robertet to create a collection of scents that truly transports people to an extraordinary place. Through this partnership, Marcy married the purity of  all-natural skincare with the luxury of high-end fragrance. 


    The Blue Line

    Every Pure Placid bottle wears a beautiful blue bow. The blue represents the Blue Line perimeter of the Adirondack Park. It outlines this precious, protected land called the Adirondacks. The blue ribbon represents a commitment to the environment, our local workers, and our customers’ well-being. The blue bow is a symbol and beacon that helps us focus on the environment and community. Pure Placid has committed to giving 20% of sales to charities that live up to these values.


    Our Purity Promise

    • All of our products are free from parabens, fillers, additives, phthalates, sulfates, harsh synthetic chemicals, petroleum, dyes, SSLs, and BPAs.
    • Our scents are made with all-natural plant essences and essential oils drawn from untouched elements in the Adirondack Mountains, the nation's largest "forever wild" forest preserve.
    • All packaging is recycled glass or post-consumer recycled plastics. Packaging is produced with the least impact on the environment.


    Our Mission

    Pure Placid wants to provide the safest, purest products possible. We want our products to have minimal impact on our environment and be safe enough for the whole family. This was our mission from the beginning, and it is without compromise.


    We also want each of our products to be a vacation for the mind, from anywhere in the world to the vast, serene wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains. We want to transport our customers to this place of placid tranquility--a place so relaxing that in the early 1900s wealthy New Yorkers would “vacate” the city to enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains, coining the term “vacation.” 

    What We Believe

    With Marcy's background in massage and spas Pure Placid always believed in the importance of self-care. 


    We also believe in the importance of taking a moment, of lighting a scented candle and enjoying its warmth and fragrance. There is peace in these moments. In these moments, you stop, breathe, and revitalize.


    It is the power of scent that fuels Pure Placid’s mission. It is the most powerful of our five senses. It triggers memories and emotions. Maybe the smell of sunscreen reminds you of a warm day at the beach with your mother, or a cologne instantly takes you back to college or your first love. Scents can bring us instant joy, celebration, memories, dreams, and peace.


    Join us on our mission to embrace a placid life. Whether it be the sun setting over mountains, sparkling light on blue waters, or the indulgent lather of a fragrant soap, take a moment to breathe, reflect, and claim your calm.