Making the Case for Calm

Being calm, and staying calm are more than just “feel good” moments that we strive for in the fast-paced world we live in. It’s something we focus on daily at Pure Placid - seeking ways to help people find their calm through scent. And there’s some science to it all. Being calm is good for your heart.

According to the researchers at Johns Hopkins and a 2014 study in European Heart Journal, “the incidence of heart attack was almost five times higher in the two hours after an angry outburst, and the risk of stroke increased three-fold.
So, let’s show some love to our heart and choose calm. Here are some tips so you can Claim Your Calm:

  • We like Box Breathing to help soothe the stress and find the calm. Check out the 5-5-5 Technique for a how-to on this breathing exercise.
  • This is our reason for existing! Scents can bring about calm. Lighting a candle or using a scented lotion. The Power of Citrus Scents to help calm you down is widely recognized.
  • Look into meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness techniques like journaling to help you train yourself to find the calm during high stress times.
Our hearts will thank us! For more tips follow our Pure Placid Instagram account. We share weekly tips to help you Claim Your Calm.